Who Ate What?: A Historical Guessing Game for Food Lovers (Phaidon, Spring 2023)

Packed with homey recipes and relatable humor, EAT SOMETHING is as much a delicious, lighthearted, and nostalgic cookbook as it is a lively celebration of Jewish culture. Co-authored by Wise Sons Deli’s Evan Bloom, and designed and illustrated by George McCalman, with photography by Maren Caruso, EAT SOMETHING “has gone where no Jewish cookbook has gone before,” as one reviewer wrote.

Stemming from the thesis that Jews eat by occasion (and with enthusiasm), the book is organized into 19 different events and celebrations chronicling a Jewish life in food, from bris to shivah, and all the makeshift and meaningful events in between.


“Probably the funniest Jewish cookbook ever written… witty yet insightful” – Best 2020 Cookbooks, San Francisco Chronicle

“Something special…What I like so much about this book is its heart, both that it’s in the right place, and that it exists to begin with.” Taste
“Hilarious” —Eater

“A deeply personal dive into the psyche of Jewish American life.” -Tablet Magazine
2020 Books We Want to Cook From Now – Epicurious

“…will have the millennial set and their grandparents laughing while they nosh.” – Best 2020 Cookbooks, Forbes

“This book isn’t too cheffy. It’s comfort food. And it’s fun.” EaterSF

“Witty, at times touching. the cookbook version of ‘Wet Hot American Summer.'”  Heated
“Imaginative” and “hilarious” – New York Times’ Wirecutter
“The essence of Levin’s colorful personal narratives can be boiled down to one memorable quote: “Every Jewish mother mourns the day her child leaves her dinner table.” Rich traditions, plated with a touch of schmaltz, make this a fun and satisfying cookbook.” Publishers Weekly

“This cookbook with a splash of irony offers the culinary secrets of a San Francisco deli, but in the style of ‘Bar Mitzvah Disco'” – 25 Cookbooks that Need to be Part of Your Collection, Minnesota’s Star Tribune

“This book is an extremely entertaining and haimish guide to Jewish food and the role it plays in our lives.” – Josh Russ Tupper, 4th generation co-owner of Russ Daughters

“My Russian-born mother always used to ask, “Is it good for the Jews?” And I have to say that Eat Something not only is good for the Jews but also will make them chuckle and enjoy cooking. This book offers a fresh California perspective and a dash of cultural irreverence.” – Joyce Goldstein, chef author

“This book embodies the spirit of Jewish soul food we all need right now. Equally delicious and inspiring, it satisfies like a holiday brisket, with a joy that lasts for days (minus the heartburn).” – David Sax, author of Save the Deli

Where to Buy: Omnivore Books,Green Apple Books, your favorite book store, and wherever books are sold!

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