LOOK BIG (Ten Speed, 2018)

Available at your local bookstore, online at Amazon  + Green Apple Follow on Instagram @lookbigbook “LOOK BIG is the definitive guide for anyone who has ever wondered what to do in an animal encounter. With equal parts humor and sound advice, Rachel Levin provides all the info you need to defuse a major critter crisis. Just don’t run. Unless it’s an alligator.” —Chris Keyes, editor of Outside magazine “Ms. Levin has mastered the art of describing animals and their behavior in archly urban ways. . . a nifty idea carried out with humor and a deft touch.” —Wall Street Journal “Hilarious but genuinely helpful” — The

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EAT SOMETHING (Chronicle Books, Covid 2020)

(Chronicle Books, March 2020) Order from your local bookstore! Or buy here. ADVANCE PRAISE! “This book embodies the spirit of Jewish soul food we all need right now. Equally delicious and inspiring, it satisfies like a holiday brisket, with a joy that lasts for days (minus the heartburn).” —David Sax, author of Save the Deli “My Russian-born mother always used to ask, “Is it good for the Jews?” And I have to say that Eat Something not only is good for the Jews but also will make them chuckle and enjoy cooking. This book offers a fresh California perspective and

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STEAMED: A Catharsis Cookbook for Getting Dinner and Your Feelings on the Table (Running Press, 2021)

As heard on NPR’s “All Things Considered” and displayed at Urban Outfitters nationwide, STEAMED (Running Press, Spring 2021) is the cookbook you didn’t know you needed — but desperately do. “Cuing off the difficult times we are living in, authors Rachel Levin and Tara Duggan have a new, and hilarious, cookbook that encourages readers to put their feelings into making food. Whether you want to pound out your anger on a pork loin to make their Hammered Schnitzel or cry over sliced onions for some Sad French Onion Soup, STEAMED: A Catharsis Cookbook for Getting Dinner and Your Feelings on

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Who Ate What?: A Historical Guessing Game for Food Lovers (Phaidon, Spring 2023)

Packed with homey recipes and relatable humor, EAT SOMETHING is as much a delicious, lighthearted, and nostalgic cookbook as it is a lively celebration of Jewish culture. Co-authored by Wise Sons Deli’s Evan Bloom, and designed and illustrated by George McCalman, with photography by Maren Caruso, EAT SOMETHING “has gone where no Jewish cookbook has gone before,” as one reviewer wrote. Stemming from the thesis that Jews eat by occasion (and with enthusiasm), the book is organized into 19 different events and celebrations chronicling a Jewish life in food, from bris to shivah, and all the makeshift and meaningful events in between.

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